Welcome to the Mining Simulator WikiEdit

Hello and welcome to the Mining Simulator Wiki!

Some things that you should feel free to do:


Making a new article

And be sure to explore every page of the Wiki!!

Also, I dont have a account, sadly... so if you see a normal FANDOM user, well then, its me!

Im going to be posting comments like, 8 times a week, so be sure to stay on the wiki before a FANDOM user posts 8 comments on the wiki! Also, be startled to find out the new page thats coming! And, I also play ROBLOX, so thats why I wanted to help this wiki grow! PS: Im not done with the 'Codes' page, so be sure NOT to edit until the Code page is done!

Code Page is done. Now feel free to edit!

July 4th update has been released! Happy 4th of July!

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